Car Paint Protection & Ceramic Coating in Waxhaw, NC

There’s nothing like the feeling of driving around in a brand-new car with a fresh, flawless look. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t take long for that perfect car exterior to become scratched, chipped, or defective in some way.

The good news for drivers in Waxhaw is that Auto Obsessions Charlotte can ensure your vehicle maintains its immaculate appearance long after you leave the dealer’s lot. Our paint protection film and ceramic coating services will protect your car from exterior damage, so you never want to stop flaunting it.

Auto Paint Protection Film in Waxhaw

Our team in Waxhaw has over 15 years of experience in car paint protection, and we’re just as obsessed with keeping your car gorgeous as you are.

During our paint protection process, we apply Paint Protection Film (PPF) to your vehicle with painstaking attention to detail. Every installation is customized to the car to ensure it’s seamless, durable, and invisible. We work with all vehicle makes and models, including Porsches, Teslas, and other exotic cars.

We also use the highest-quality PPF on the market—Llumar Platinum series PPF. Our experts have found this PPF to have the clearest and glossiest finish compared to other brands and series. It’ll protect your car from scratches, chips, etchings, and other paint damage that can happen on the road. Our PPF is available in gloss or matte to match your car perfectly and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Waxhaw Car Ceramic Coating Services, Vinyl Wraps & Window Tinting

In addition to paint protection, Auto Obsessions Charlotte offers other services to keep your car looking as good as it did the day you brought it home.

Our ceramic coatings act like a protective layer of hard glass. The coating blends in with your car—so all you notice is the attractive shine—while helping it stay cleaner for longer. Vehicle ceramic coatings make your car resistant to dirt, scratches, paint fading, oxidation, and other unsightly damage.

We also offer other vehicle customization services in Waxhaw for drivers who want to go the extra mile to personalize their cars. Upgrade your car with one of our custom vinyl wraps, window tinting, or other automotive detailing completed and finessed by our specialists.

Are you ready to bring the car of your dreams to life and keep it that way for years to come? Contact Auto Obsessions Charlotte in Waxhaw today to schedule your appointment!